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second-largest economy and the largest contributor to world growth."From 2013 to 2017, China contributed more than 30 percent of world economic growth, more tha▓n the combined contributions of the United States, Japan, and the eurozone, according to World Bank data.China has also pl▓edged to expand imports, a major and a more direct way to share its development ▓opportunities with the world."With t▓he world's largest population, China can provide a huge market for other countries and regions w▓ith industrial and infrastructure advantages," said Gao ▓Feng, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce.Danish multinational Danfoss Group, a specialist in energy-efficient technologies, will probably a▓gree. It will establish two manufacturing plants in China this year, having achieved a record 30 per▓cent growth in the country in 2017.What helped ▓Danfoss in China were the government's massiv▓e investments in the fields of green energ▓y and energy-efficient technologies to tackle the chall▓enges of climate change and pollution."We▓ have been benefitting from China's reform a▓nd opening-up policy, and we are very optimistic ab▓out our future in China, which is our second home market," said Kjeld Stark, president of Danfoss China."The strong growth in China is a clear sign ▓of the perfect alignment between our business portfoli▓o and China's development initiatives,"▓ said Stark. "China has contributed one-third of th▓e group's overall growth last year."In 2017, Danfoss del▓ivered the highest sales growth in six years: its sales increased 10 percent year-on-year to 5.8 billon euros ($7.16▓ billion).Despite challenges like rising unilateralism and protectionism elsewhere in the world, France's Schneider Electric SA believes China's new round of opening-up will not o▓nly become a main source of the country's own developmen▓t, but also bring opportunities and shared prosperity to the whole world."China's new direction, further reform and openness, will c▓ertainly bring more opportunities to Schneider▓ Electric. The opportunity is mainly in areas including green city development, industrial auto▓mation and Internet Plus-related businesses," said Je▓an-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider Electric's chief executiv▓e officer.Tricoire said the tangible de▓velopment relating to the Belt and Road Initiative will become another highlight for China to further expand its market-opening channels, he said.Schneider Electr▓ic has already worked with a number of Chines▓e companies such as China National Building M▓aterials Group Co in markets related to the initiative, especially in Europe and Africa.Sch▓neider Electric has also engaged in innovative works of Chinese startups as the Chinese government has already pledged to make the home market a place for "domestic and foreign firms regardless of their ownership to c▓ompete on a level playing field"."China's economy h

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